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So yesterday marked the 9 year anniversary of me catching my Shiny… - Chunk of Ice
April 6th, 2012
02:06 pm


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So yesterday marked the 9 year anniversary of me catching my Shiny Meowth on my Crystal version, and today marks 9 years since I caught my Shiny Houndour. As I was trying to catch a Houndour shortly after midnight last night on Soul Silver, I searched for 30 minutes, and only found 1 at first, and then two more showed up at the last minute. Two of them got away, so I only got one of them. So I started thinking, if Houndour was THIS frikkin' rare on the original, then I must have been just so unfathomably lucky to find a shiny one, AND have it not use roar on me!

How I ended up catching the shiny one was, I happened to have Flaafy out at the start, so I used thunder wave because I was too afraid of killing it to attack, and then I switched to my lv. 45 Flareon I had with me, and the Houndour was fully paralyzed! So I used a level ball. I caught it on the first throw at full health.

And now both of those original shinies are dead, because (as I said in my post about my Swinub) my Silver version battery finally died, and I had all three of my shinies on there.

Anyway, in other news, I finished my next Time Shifter plushie! (From Flint the Time Detective, if  you haven't been keeping up). I made Artie this time, since he was my absolute most favorite back in the day, and I LOVE how his eggshell pattern turned out! His little necklace thing looks so cute too, (and was actually kinda hard to do, but it worked out). Even the chisel thing on his tail turned out pretty good I think (although you can't see it too well in the picture). So all in all, I think he's my best one yet! Here he is:

Time Shifter Artie by ~Milayou on deviantART

I also made Orbit not too long before him, you can find her here. I like the background I made for her, I think it looks pretty good, although it's a little dark on this computer. I purposely made it that way though, because my monitor is too dark and I can't change it, so it might look normal to you.

And last of all, I think I know which one I'll make next, but you'll just have to wait and see! (And you can expect to see a shiny Houndour or Houndoom plushie before too long, hopefully. And maybe even shiny Meowth!)

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