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My Seventh Shiny Pokemon - Chunk of Ice
September 17th, 2012
02:14 pm


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My Seventh Shiny Pokemon
Okay guys, so I always wondered what my seventh shiny pokemon would be, seven being my lucky number and all when it comes to shiny pokemon. And just about a month ago, I finally found it. I was going through Mt. Silver cave, leveling up my Lucario. Well, he had run out of PP for his moves, so I had switched to using my surfing Pikachu, since it was about to level up, and out of the blue, a yellow Onix appears! I nearly flipped my crap, since I just caught a Shiny Spinda when replaying ruby version about three months before. (Usually, I catch shinies about two years apart). So I switched to my Murkrow I happened to have with me (the same one I had caught the night before catching my shiny Drowzee a couple years ago), because the onix was lv.42 and pikachu was like, lv. 70, and the only move that would have damaged it was surf, which of course would have killed it. So I used Murkrows attacks, since I knew for sure they wouldn't kill it, and then got it low enough and threw a heavy ball. Caught it on the first try. I was so happy! I named him Miles since he's really long, and I didn't want to call him something stupid like "Goldy". So that's my story folks, now enjoy the pic:

Onix is Rolling Around, Exactly what it says.

How is he not destroying the PC and everything around him? I dunno, but here's a pic of his stats:

Shiny Onix, My seventh shiny pokemon ever. I ended up naming him Miles, because he's really long.

It would have to be frikkin Modest nature though...

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