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More plushies OMG - Chunk of Ice
March 13th, 2012
07:27 pm


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More plushies OMG
Okay, so I mentioned in my last post that I was making plushies of Time Shifters from Flint the Time Detective. Well, here is my Dipper plushie. I'm finally done with him! And he was pretty complicated, although not really hard. He just had a lot of pieces. He came out pretty good though. Anyway, here he is:

Time Shifter Dipper by ~Milayou on deviantART

I already made Talen before him, and she turned out okay I guess. You can find her here. I would have made her a little bigger, but that was the last of that pink yarn I had. It was just an old skein I'd got from someone, and wasn't a lot to begin with, and I was just trying to get it out of my way by making something. And that was what came out. It was Red Heart lily pink, which I'm not even sure they make anymore, but if they do, I would have never found the same dye lot anyway, so I would have had to still use only that.

Anyway, I'm working on Orbit next, hopefully she will turn out good, although her feet might not look as great as I want them too, since I started out making her body a little too small. We'll see, anyway.

Current Mood: accomplished

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