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The Scary Shitekitchi - Chunk of Ice
April 17th, 2012
06:27 pm


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The Scary Shitekitchi
So I got out my v4.5 Tamagotchi Connection the other day. I haven't played with it in a while, and I just really love those things. I had bought it at our local Sears a few years back, before they closed down. It was on clearance for like, 6 or 7 bucks! And it has a cool peacock feather design, check it out!
Peacock Tamagotchi v4.5, My v4.5 Tamagotchi connection. I love the peacock feather design! It's got Shitekitchi on it in this pic.
It started out turning into the little star child thing (I haven't learned all the names yet). Then the next day it became an Ura Young Marotchi, which I think is sorta cute, but I like Crackertchi better, which I got last time I played with it. (Of course, he's a boy and my Tama this time was a girl). Then today, it turned into this creepy looking Shitekitchi. I actually kinda like it though. Apparently, some people think it's ugly or scary looking. Which, it's squiggly mouth did kinda throw me off at first. But I decided I actually kinda liked it. It's kinda cute somehow. Unless you press the C button. Don't do it.

Shitekitchi, A closer shot of Shitekitchi.

Oh god, I said don't do it!

Shitekitchi close up, A scary, super close up of Shikekitchi.

Oh boy, I'm gonna see that in my nightmares.

Anyway, for today's viewing entertainment, I give you Shitekitchi wearing a hat!
Shitekitchi Hat, The Tamagotchi known as Shitekitchi. Shown playing with a hat. This is from my v4.5 Tamagotchi connection.
God I just love that surprised look in the last frame! I might have to make this my user pic sometime.

Current Mood: nerdy

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