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25 January
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Heya everyone, I'm shinysealeo. I would like to say that I like old school nintendo games, but I really don't have that many of them. My favorites are Mario 3 and Milon's Secret Castle. Which I actually beat on my NES. And I also have Dragon Warrior 1-4, 4 being my favorite. I also LOVE the SNES era, with my favorites including E.V.O., Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Kirby's Dreamland 3, and some others. Although Spyro for playstation was probably what first got me into serious gaming, even though I've been playing NES since I was born, pretty much. Also, I would like to add that I am a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan (and have been since it came out in 1991), and Tails is my favorite character, followed by Shadow. Because I find them both relate-able for my own reasons.

I've been on a Sonic the Hedgehog kick lately that has inspired me to make various crafty things, including a pair of Sonic shoe slippers and cross-stitched character pillow. And soon I'm going to be starting a Sonic character blanket.

Also, due to lack of requests, and the majority of my clay having dried up, I will no longer be taking requests for clay figures.

If you have bought from me, please leave feedback in this post:

My best Pokemon Battle Videos as of yet:
98-68466-43229 (gen IV) if it's not Ambi's video, it's not mine (Search for it at GTS)
69-42830-01262 (gen V) me beating a hacker

And last, my Poke Horoscope:
Poke Sign
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(Credit goes to 3kame for making the banner. The text is from Pokemon Black and White versions.)

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